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Love Parenting UAE is Growing!

Bringing you even more help and support on your parenting journey

Meet our lovely new team members Ana and Katie. Ana will be offering the Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing Program in English and Spanish and Katie runs Baby Signing Classes.


Hi, my name is Ana Piera and I’m originally from Spain. I had the pleasure to live in Dubai for the last 3 years. My background is Marketing & International business. I’m certified in child education, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Doula & Hypnobirthing.

I'm a proud mother of 3 boys Lucas, Mateo & Guillermo. My 3 births were natural and I learnt new techniques and knowledge with each one of them. My 3rd boy, Guillermo, was born using the Hypnobirthing programme that teaches basic birthing physiology, different breathing techniques and deep relaxation skills for pregnant women to be confident, calm and relaxed during pregnancy and birth.


My 3rd baby birth was such a powerful, calming and under control experience that I became passionate about helping and encouraging women, parents and healthcare professionals to explore ways to have more natural, relaxed and comfortable deliveries using the Wise Hippo birthing programme. The Wise Hippo Birthing programme is not only about teaching women how to have a positive birth experience. It’s about creating strong, confident mothers who inherently trust themselves, and, by using their natural instincts, make choices that are right for themselves and their families. It is offered in English and Spanish. I would be delighted to help you achieve the same positive and empowering experience I had with my pregnancies and deliveries. If you need more information or have any question don’t hesitate to contact me.

055 801 67 91 ​Ana x​



Hi, I'm Katie and my background lies in the social care field where I have worked for the past 14 years, supporting families and young people. This later saw me qualify as a Social Worker where I specialized in the children and families team and trained further as a children’s counsellor. Whilst I very much enjoyed this line of work, my family moved to Dubai five years ago where I found employment with a school which fitted in with our family circumstances and have worked with them for 4 years now. I am lucky to have found a position which I can work from home and be with my son while he’s small which is very important to me. I became a mother in 2006 with our daughter and then again in 2015 with our son. I have always been very drawn to gentle parenting and more so when I became pregnant with my son I became very interested in baby led approaches in particular. I run Little Signers Club Dubai which promotes and teaches baby signing. I trained over 1 year ago in the UK undertaking accredited training in signing in an early year setting, birth to three communication development and I’m currently working though my British Sign Language Level 1.

A little one’s motor skills are sufficiently developed to make simple gestures by the age of 6 months. This enables them to bridge the communication gap and show their parents what they need. I signed with both my children, however with my son more recently, I started signing at 4 months and he was signing back at 6 months old. I couldn’t believe how amazing this was and I was completely hooked. To me, baby signing added to my baby led approach as it gave my little one the means to communicate his needs to me. My classes provide a very relaxed and warm environment for mums and their little ones. I have tried to keep the pricing as affordable for parents as possible and you can expect plenty of access to materials on child development and speech and language within the class, as well as having good fun!! I hope to see you in a Baby Signing class soon and please reach out to me with any questions which you have. 052 910 0290 ​Katie x

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