Postnatal Instructions: the "Owner's Manual" to your New Baby

Top tips from a midwife on what to watch out for once you take your newborn home from the hospital. Most new parents report feeling one thing as they take their first baby home from the hospital: when do the grown-ups arrive who are going to keep this child alive? Many parents today have little or no experience at all with newborn babies right up to the moment we are handed our own and are expected to be fully responsible for him or her. We usually feel completely out of our depth and often feel terrified that we will not be up to the task. The good news is that your baby is going to teach you everything you will need to know to take care of him or her, as long as you give yourself some ti

15 things nobody tells you about recovering from childbirth

Top tips from a midwife on what to watch out for during your postnatal recovery. Having a baby is one of the most profound transformations a woman will ever go through--physically, hormonally, emotionally, and even on a cellular level. You have just been through a major physical feat of labor and/or a major abdominal surgery in order to birth your baby. Now you are being sent home with a baby, and here in the UAE there will not be a midwife checking up on you or a health visitor knocking on your door to make sure that all is going well. Any postnatal care you receive you will have to organize yourself, so here are some basic health and recovery tips that a midwife would like you to know a

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