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Toddlerhood is a very frustrating time for both parents and toddlers. The job of a toddler is to gradually gain independence and learn many new skills, from walking and talking to feeding themselves and using the toilet. Yet they cannot communicate well verbally, cannot understand or express their feelings and frustrations. And they cannot master all these new physical, cognitive, social and language skills overnight - it all takes much practice, much determination and persistence. Their brains are still very undeveloped and they do not have the ability to reason, plan, rationalise, delay gratification, or even begin to understand the concepts of time, other people’s feelings and perspectives, or what is ‘best’ for them. When they become frustrated, angry, tired, hungry, overwhelmed, or thwarted in any way, it is understandable that their feelings will get out of control and explode in a tantrum or other tricky behaviour.  It is normal and expected, yet very upsetting and stressful for parents who do not know how to best respond to these out-of control feelings and outbursts.  ToddlerCalm™ helps parents cope with this behaviour, and suggests ways to reduce the toddler’s level of frustration and the likelihood of tantrums occurring.

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