Going Back to Work after Baby: Choosing Childcare in the UAE

The pros and cons of nannies vs. nurseries This is part 2 of a series on Going Back To Work. Read part 1 on "Feeling Stressed about Going Back to Work?" first! As you prepare to return to work, one of your first priorities will be to weigh the pros and cons of your childcare options. If you have family here who can look after your little one(s), or if you and your partner have complementary schedules that can enable you to always have someone at home, this might be ideal, but is very rare for most of us who are living here as expats. For many families in the UAE, the choice comes down to nanny vs. nursery. So how to choose? 1. The benefits of hiring a nanny: Finding a good nanny who ca

Stressed about Going Back to Work after Baby?

12 tips on how to ease the transition Perhaps you are going back to work because your maternity leave is ending, because your family requires your income to function, or because you love your work and intend to find a balance between motherhood and career? Or perhaps all of the above? Whatever the reason, expect to have mixed emotions about going back to work. You may feel terrified, excited, sad, relieved and/or resentful. And then there is the guilt. Guilt and motherhood seem to go hand in hand, and for working mothers even more so. Remember, mothers have been working as long as there have been mothers, and there are many ways of making it work for you and for your children. Althoug

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