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About Breastfeeding a Toddler


Whether you struggled with breastfeeding at first, or found it came quite easily, and whether you intended to breastfeed for as long as possible or planned to aim for 6 months or 1 year, you may be surprised to find that you are now breastfeeding a toddler (or will be soon).  Breastfeeding a toddler brings its own joys and challenges, but the hardest thing may be the lack of support from those around you.  Or even the actual criticisms that "you aren't STILL breastfeeding, are you?"  Lack of information, myths and misinformation and lack of social support and encouragement can make it feel like a very lonely path, even if you know in your heart that it is right for your child and you.  You also may be wondering whether any of those things your pediatrician tells you are true--will it cause cavities, will it lead to picky eating and slow weight gain, will it prevent a child from becoming independent?  And what about if you are trying to get pregnant, or you are pregnant, or perhaps you are also nursing a newborn?  And how will you ever wean this child when you are ready to stop?

About the Breastfeeding your Toddler Workshop

Taught by an IBCLC lactation consultant and licensed ToddlerCalm teacher who is also a experienced mother who nursed two toddlers in the past, this workshop will address all of the myths, misinformation and negative attitudes with evidence-based science on the real benefits of breastfeeding past the first year of life.  Plus lots of tips and suggestions for coping with toddler breastfeeding antics and annoying behaviors, night-weaning strategies, and how to know when you are ready to totally wean off the breast.


What you will learn:


  • share your experiences of breastfeeding a toddler with other breastfeeding mothers of toddlers

  • the science to support the benefits of breastfeeding for children past the age of one

  • what the "natural" weaning age of human children is believed to be

  • how to cope with negative attitudes and unhelpful "advice" from those around you

  • to understand and cope with the phenomenon of "Breastfeeding Aversion and Agitation" which can make breastfeeding your toddler feel terrible

  • strategies for setting breastfeeding boundaries and teaching breastfeeding "manners" to make toddler nursing behaviors less annoying

  • the real science behind the association between breastfeeding and dental cavities or picky eating behaviors

  • how breastfeeding can affect your ability to get pregnant, and how breastfeeding during pregnancy can affect you and your toddler.

  • understand how tandem nursing works when you are feeding both a toddler and a newborn

  • examine the pros and cons of continuing with breastfeeding or weaning your toddler

  • discuss strategies for night-weaning and gently weaning from the breast completely when you are ready


You will receive handouts and resources to share the information with your partner, and anyone else in your life who may question your breastfeeding choices.

This workshop is for mums of breastfeeding children over the age of 1 (or those contemplating nursing beyond age 1.)  Toddler attendance is optional, though you likely will get more out of it if you come on your own and make a mum's morning of it. This workshop is ladies only, to encourage frank discussion.

Infant Massage Classes Near Me







Infant Massage Classes Near Me
Infant Massage Classes Near Me
Infant Massage Classes Near Me



               I remember the list of health benefits for kids and moms was almost endless in my book, and it really impressed me, because I was doing it mostly for attachment reasons. It almost every time it was the opposite of what the general public assumes.



         I felt a real connection with the other mums present and we were often nodding along to each other's stories. I really needed this right now as the night feeds were feeling quite overwhelming. I walked into the class wanting to stop nursing tomorrow, but now I feel happy to continue a while longer because it's so beneficial for my daughter and me.

Infant Massage Classes Near Me
Infant Massage Classes Near Me
Infant Massage Classes Near Me



       There's no judging here. I walked away feeling a lot more assured about balancing my needs with my children's. I felt empowered to meet them all better. 

Infant Massage Classes Near Me
Infant Massage Classes Near Me

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