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Breastmilk Stories

Why Breastmilk Stories?


We share our birth stories, so why not breastmilk stories?  I say breastmilk and not breastfeeding because for many inspiring mothers who I have known, breastmilk is delivered to their babies via a pump and a bottle, and not directly from the breast.   And that labor of love is a story worth telling!!!

So many mothers struggle with breastfeeding and may not have continued as long as they had hoped, but can celebrate every single drop of hard-earned breastmilk they did provide for their babies.  For many other mothers, breastfeeding is also hard, and may even seem impossible, but they find a way through and do manage to meet their breastfeeding goals (whatever they may be).  And then for another group of mothers the biggest surprise may be how easy breastfeeding came for them and their little ones, or how different their experience was with different babies.  We would love to hear what inspired you and surprised you, what were your sources of information and support, what do you wish you had known and what would you like other mothers to know?  How can we make this world more breastmilk friendly? What is your breastmilk story (even if it isn't finished yet--you can always add more later!) Send your story (and photos) to



These days you hear many stories about how breastfeeding doesn't work, or is too hard, or maybe isn't the "best" after all.  We understand that it doesn't work out as hoped for all mothers and babies, and we know that most mothers who decide not to breastfeed, or decide to stop breastfeeding do so for a very good reason (even if we don't know what it is.) One very common (and infuriatingly tragic) reason is that they didn't get the help or the support that they needed, but this certainly isn't the only reason.  Only a mother can know what is the best decision for her baby and her family, and breastfeeding might not be it at this  particular time.  Every single mother does the best she can with the information and the support she has, and only a mother can know the grief, sense of loss and even the trauma she may feel if all of her breastfeeding goals were not attainable.  This grief is rarely allowed to be expressed and worked through, which can lead to longterm feelings of guilt, anger, resentment and low self esteem (much like unprocessed birth trauma).  However long your breastmilk story lasted, we want to celebrate you!  So if you would like to share your story, we would love to hear it (without judgement).  Send your story (and photos) to  

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