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About Baby-Led Weaning


Baby Led Weaning is not a new phenomenon, as parents have been feeding babies like this, probably since the beginning of time. Baby Led Weaning simply means offering your baby (after the age of six months) solid finger foods and allowing baby to feed himself or herself, rather than spoon-feeding pureed foods or prepared commercial baby foods.  Evidence shows that babies who feed themselves and have control over their diet can become less fussy, healthier eaters in childhood and even long into adulthood. This approach is fun for baby and for parents, is much easier and less time-consuming than pureeing and spoon-feeding, and is much less likely to lead to power struggles and heartache at the family table.







The Workshop


This insightful 3-hour workshop will help you to understand current weaning guidelines and will give you all the information and confidence you need to embark on this fun and practical approach to introducing solids to your baby


You will learn:

  • The science behind baby weaning

  • How to know when baby is ready for solids

  • When and how to introduce allergenic foods so that you reduce the risk of food allergies

  • How to avoid having a picky eater

  • How to introduce finger foods to your baby

  • Ideas on some (inexpensive) equipment you may want to acquire

  • Ideas of food options for home and away

  • How to make weaning easy and enjoyable for you and your baby

  • Baby sign language you can use during feeding to make communication easier for your baby

  • What to do if you baby chokes (and how to tell the difference between gagging and choking)


This is a great class for both mums and dads and is most suited to babies aged 3 months plus. Many UAE doctors are now recommending that solids be introduced from 4 months, which is controversial.  In the workshop we discuss at great length how to know when baby is ready and what the science says about when to introduce solids, so taking the workshop before 4 months will enable you to make an informed decision.  Parents with older babies who wish to switch from spoon-feeding to baby led are also welcome to join. 


Babies are welcome to attend as well. 


Class includes digital handouts and resources








                 Very useful and informative.  I feel a lot more comfortable about introducing solids now.

Where & Who

Eggs & Soldiers in Times Square Centre With Amy


Weekday or Weekend mornings



AED 300 or 250

 if you introduce 

a friend who registers


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