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About Toddler Sleep


Struggling with your toddler's sleep habits or nighttime needs? Whether your toddler is fighting bedtime, is up mutiple times in the night, or still isn't showing any signs of self-settling, taking care of a toddler at night can be a lot of work. Though it seems like they are so much more grown up than they were as babies, they still sleep differently from adults (and big kids) and they still need a lot of help from us, both day and night.  This workshop will give you lots of information and new ideas on how to cope with toddler sleep (or lack thereof) and nighttime parenting.

About the Toddler Sleep Workshop

This workshop will help you understand why toddlers sleep the way they do and what normal toddler sleep behaviour looks like. We will discuss the pros and cons of various popular "sleep-training" approaches, clarify your own short-term and long-term goals when it comes to your child's sleep, and learn how the ToddlerCalm approach can help you teach healthy sleep habits for life. This workshop is NOT a cry-it-out or sleep training approach, not a quick fix, and does not offer any guarantees, except that all kids grow and their nighttime needs change over time and become less exhausting. After this workshop you will feel more confident with more information, reassurance, coping techniques and some strategies for encouraging more independent sleep in the long term.  


What you will learn:


  • The science behind toddler sleep

  • The changes in your toddler's brain development and how this affects sleep

  • Clarify your short-term and long term goals for your child’s sleep 

  • Understand sleep from your toddler’s perspective

  • The pros and cons of popular behavioural sleep training approaches

  • How to use the ToddlerCalm approach to reduce struggles around bedtime..

  • Positive tips and techniques to encourage healthy sleep habits for life.

  • Further reading and resources


This workshop is perfect for both mums and dads of 1-4 year olds..  Toddlers cannot attend, though babies in arms are welcome.



               I felt really anxious before like the workshop that I was doing everything wrong. Now I feel much more relaxed and I know that this stage won't last forever.  I also liked talking to other parents dealing with the same sleep deprivation!







Where & Who



With Amy 




Weekday afternoons in 2

2-hour sessions




AED 400 or 350

 if you introduce 

a friend who registers


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