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About BabyCalm™️ Sleep


“Is your baby sleeping through the night?”

“Is your baby good and sleeps through?”

“My little one slept through from six weeks old”

“All babies can sleep 7 to 7”

“Leave them to cry, they’ll soon learn to sleep”


These are just a taster of what people are going to ask/ tell you as soon as you have a baby. Our baby sleep workshop is very different from most other baby sleep advice you may come across. We don’t believe that one-size fits all when it comes to babies or sleep, and we don’t think it is abnormal for babies to wake a lot during the night and to need their parents’ help to go back to sleep.  Our suggestions, tools and techniques are all based on sound scientific evidence and we guarantee that they will not cause any harm to your baby, nor will they result in tears - for you or your baby!  We offer alternatives for parents who do not want to use controlled crying, rapid return, gradual withdrawal, 'pick up, put down' or any other behavioural related technique. A calm, tranquil night’s sleep is perfectly possible for every parent and baby, we’ll show you how.




The Sleep Workshop


This special 3.5-hour baby sleep workshop is designed for all those parents who are struggling with their baby's sleep, worried that they have done everything all “wrong” and will never sleep through the night again,  and are suffering from sleep deprivation, exhaustion and frustration. This is not a quick fix, one-size-fits all or cry-it-out program, but a gentle, long-term approach that promotes healthy sleep habits for life.  We review the science of infant sleep, discuss the pros and cons of current popular sleep training methods, and give you some concrete suggestions you can start using immediately.  


What you will learn:


  • What normal baby sleep looks like

  • The neuroscience of infant sleep

  • The pros and cons of the most commonly used sleep training techniques

  • Co-sleeping, bed-sharing, sleep safety and SIDS

  • Gentle techniques to help your baby sleep

  • Tips for encouraging more independent sleep in the long run

  • What to expect of your baby's sleep in the future

  • How to create good sleep habits - for life!


This workshop is perfect for parents of babies from 3 to 12 months of age and includes digital handouts and resources .

Private group sessions can be arranged if you have a mum's group who would like to take it together.  



                  Now I feel that it’s ok to follow my instincts!  It is reassuring to know that what I am doing is natural and I’m not "spoiling" her.

Where & Who

In Eggs & Soldiers, 

Times Square Centre, 

With Amy



Weekday or weekend mornings or afternoons



AED 350 or 300

 if you introduce 

a friend who registers


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