Baby Massage Magic: What's so Special about Baby Massage Classes?

What is baby massage? Baby massage simply means touching your baby, but doing so in a mindful, conscious and nurturing way. Baby massage fosters communication between parent and baby. Parents touch and care for their babies hundreds of times each day, but we don’t often take the time to sit down and do it so consciously. When doing massage, unlike when we are just cleaning or dressing baby, we tune into our baby’s behaviors and cues to understand what she is communicating. We make sure our baby wants to be massaged and we observe baby to see hows he likes to be touched: when in her day is best for her to be massaged? Which body parts does he like to have massaged? How much pressure does he

Why there is no such thing as a Hypnobirth.

One of the two biggest misconceptions about Hypnobirthing is that it’s only for natural birthing hippies who want to have a home water birth with Enya singing in the background and dolphins in attendance. Quite often I hear women saying that Hypnobirthing is not for them and it makes me wonder - what is it exactly, that they think is not for them? Is it the word hypnosis – conjuring up images of mind controlling stage magicians? Is it the idea that they have to be good at meditating to be able to benefit from it? Or is it the idea that they will be expected to birth without pain relief and that their birth has to look and sound a particular way? This last one is the other biggest misconcepti

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