Mama, your Baby isn't "Lazy," "Greedy," "Naughty" nor a "Little Piranha!"

When to ignore the unhelpful things that breastfeeding "helpers" sometimes say! Mothers are told all the time that the reason they are having trouble with breastfeeding is because their baby is lazy, or too greedy or naughty or is a little piranha. This REALLY burns me up for a variety of reasons, firstly because it is a sign of the speaker's ignorance and lack of skills to identify what is really going on with this baby (and that offends me as a midwife and a lactation consultant). Secondly, it makes me irate because it is untrue, and it often ignores REAL problems that can affect a baby's ability to feed and thrive and even survive (and this frightens me, because I have seen how major he

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