Warning: Baby Sleep Training May be Harmful to Mental Health

I know what you are thinking. Is she saying that sleep training harms infant mental health? That is not what I am saying. I don’t actually know whether sleep training will harm a child’s mental health, because babies can’t tell us what they are experiencing and nobody can do a randomized controlled trial on babies. As a midwife and lactation consultant, I do know that it is normal for babies to feed at night and many need to feed at night to sustain weight gain and growth (and their mother's milk supply). I also know that babies who sleep alone and for long stretches are at increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and babies likely would have been preyed upon or frozen to death if e

Baby-Led Weaning: Some Gear You May (or May Not) Find Useful

Is there any equipment which might be useful for the baby-led approach to introducing solid foods? Baby-led weaning is a way of introducing solids to an infant without "traditional" purees and spoon-feeding. Infants who are older than 6 months and are showing the developmental signs of readiness for solids are given solid chunks of “real” foods to grip in their fists and chew, suck, gnaw and otherwise explore, rather than being spoon-fed “baby food.” The developmental signs of readiness for solids are: Baby must be able to sit upright (assisted or unassisted) Baby must be able to reach for, grasp, and rake food towards themselves and bring it to his or her mouth Baby has lost the tongue thru

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