5 Simple Ways To Reconnect With Your Self Every Day

When was the last time you took some time out to just be you? We are mothers, fathers, partners, workers, friends, problem-solvers, listeners, master-planners, multitaskers, chauffeurs, tutors, coaches, .…the list goes on and on, but when was the last time you could just be YOU. In this crazy busy world of ours we are constantly juggling multiple to-do lists for the home, kids, and work. By the time we’ve got the kids to school, shopped, cooked, cleaned, been to work, chaufered the kids all around town for various clubs and birthday parties, is there any time left for us? On aeroplanes we are told to put our own oxygen masks on first so that we can breathe in the event of an emergency. It go

25 Ways To Prepare Your Child For The Arrival of Their New Sibling.

Got a new baby on the way and looking for ways to help your older child adjust to this happy but unsettling news? Here are 25 ways to help prepare them for the arrival of their new sibling 1. Help your older child make their own ‘sister/brother on the way’ announcements so they feel like they are part of the transition from the beginning. 2. Bring them along to sonograms, doctor’s appointments, shopping for baby things, etc. 3. Reassure them that parents’ love multiplies instead of divides and that they will always be loved and important. Point out other families with more than one child so they can see that truth for themselves. 4. Present the new baby-on-the-way as ‘theirs,’ a special

What Exactly is HypnoBirthing?

Ever wondered what HypnoBirthing is all about? This fantastic introduction to HypnoBirthing will answer all your questions. Find out where it has come from and how it can help you have a calmer and more positive birthing experience.

Our Top 10 Tips to Help Your Child Get Ready to Start Nursery

Is your little one starting nursery this autumn? You will love our Top 10 tips for a smoother start to this exciting but emotional time in both your lives: 1. Don't start talking about school too early It will be too abstract for younger kids and they will not understand the concept of "next month." Also, you risk building the experience up to be more stressful than it needs to be. Two to three weeks before school starts you can introduce the concept and start to talk it through. For example, "when you start nursery there will be a nice slide like this one, and very nice children for you to play with." You can also encourage your child pick out a special school bag or lunchbox to help the

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