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About Picky Eating


There are few things that make parents more stressed out and frustrated than their child’s picky eating habits (second only to sleep struggles perhaps!) Feeding our children is a fundamental way that we nurture them and keep them healthy and thriving. When our kids won’t eat we feel like failures as parents—even feel that they are rejecting our love. For toddlers, picky eating can be a natural phase as their taste buds mature and their budding need for independence emerges. As a result, mealtime can become a battle of wills, causing stress for all involved and negatively impacting a child’s relationship with food for life.

About the "My Child Won't Eat" Workshop

Using Love Parenting UAE's popular ToddlerCalm approach this workshop will help you understand eating from your child's perspective, will help you gain perspective on your short term and long term goals when it comes to your child's eating and their relationship with food, will help you learn what is normal eating for young children, and will clarify what your role is as a parent when it comes to teaching healthy eating habits. You will also learn many tips and strategies to help make mealtime a more pleasant and less stressful experience for both you and your toddler


What you will learn:


  • The science behind toddler eating behaviour

  • To understand our own eating habits and their origins

  • Clarify your short-term and long term goals for their child’s eating habits

  • Understand eating from your toddler’s perspective

  • The current psychological advice on the "division of responsibility" when it comes to feeding your children.

  • How to use the ToddlerCalm approach to reduce stress around mealtimes.

  • Positive tips and strategies to encourage healthy eating habits for life.

  • Further reading and resources


This workshop is perfect for both mums and dads of 1-4 year olds..  Toddlers cannot attend, though babies in arms are welcome.









               I have really relaxed during mealtimes and my expectations are much more realistic.  We have all started enjoying meals again.  My husband wasn't sure I was giving him enough food, but when he saw how much happier he was eating it, he was convinced.

Where & Who


Now On-Line 

With Amy 




Weekend mornings or weekday afternoons




AED 400 or 350

 if you introduce 

a friend who registers


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