Turning “No” to “Yes:” Encouraging More Cooperation from your Toddler (Part 2)

Part 2: 10 Tips for Encouraging Toddlers to Say "YES!" Does your toddler say “NO!” all the time? Does he or she refuse to cooperate with you—fighting nappy changes, car seats, going to bed, and more? In our last blog post in this 2-part series we discussed some of the reasons WHY toddlers tend to be so negative and uncooperative. In this post, we will offer 10 tips for turning ‘no” to “yes and encouraging more cooperation from your toddler. How to Turn your Toddler's "No!" to "Yes!" 1. Have realistic expectations. Toddlers are not mini-adults: they have immature cognitive abilities and emotional control and are naturally egocentric. (See the previous post for more on this.) If we expect th

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