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  Pregnancy & Birthing Resources




Introduction to HypnoBirthing


This fascinating and informative video will explain all you need to know about HypnoBirthing 

Birth as we know it


Stunningly beautiful film about natural births.  It delivers a powerful message of what it really takes to give birth consciously and gracefully.

Taking the world by Calm


An overview of calm, gentle birthing with focussing on one couples HypnoBirthing journey

Natural Birth & Doulas


What's so good about natural childbirth and hypnobirthing and why you need a Doula

What Babies Want 


Exploring the consciousness of our unborn babies and understanding how we can bond with them during pregnancy, at birth and beyond 

The Business of Being Born


Compelled to find answers after a disappointing birth experience with her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to explore the maternity care system in America

The Birth Movie



We know you have many choices and many decisions to make for your birthing experience...Find your truth.

Penny Simkin on delayed cord clamping


Penny Simkin demonstrates why the baby's umbilical cord should not be routinely clamped and cut immediately following birth

Reducing fear of birth in U.S. culture:


Ina May Gaskin at TEDxSacramento




Amazing animation of fertilisation and baby's growth in the womb. 

Spinning Babies


Gail Tully explains how important baby positioning is for an easier and more natural birth.

90 seconds to change the world Alan Greene | TEDxBrussels


Worldwide campaign aimed at changing the practice of Immediate Cord Camping To Optimal Cord Clamping 

Evidence Based Birth


Wrap up pain management series

Evidence Based Birth


Your Due Date




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