Signing with Baby: The Benefits for Babies, Toddlers and Parents

Have you ever watched the movie Meet the Fockers? If you have, you may recall the grandfather teaching his grandson some sign language to allow him to communicate his needs of milk, poop and mummy. For many this is the only reference to baby signing they have ever encountered, but this communication tool has actually been around for decades and provides many benefits! Baby sign language involves showing babies simple gestures which they can use to communicate their needs. Once you start using signing to communicate, the benefits quickly become obvious as you witness the transformation of a squalling, frustrated infant to a confidently communicating baby. As you see your baby starting to res

Sibling Rivalry Series Part 2: Helping your Toddler Adjust to the Arrival of a New Baby

One of the most common questions we get from parents of toddlers is how to cope with the arrival of a new sibling. In this series, we have already offered some suggestions on how to prepare your little prince or princess in advance, and coming up we will give some general tips for preventing (or at least reducing) sibling conflicts in the long run. This is part 2: how to help your toddler adjust once baby arrives. The arrival of a baby into any household inevitably means major upheavals and adjustments for everyone. This is especially true for a toddler who really can't possibly have any idea what to expect, no matter how well you have prepared him or her. Toddlers respond to this upheav

"Both Experiences were Completely Different: Breastfeeding Babies 10 Years Apart"

A breastmilk story by Shamim, big sister Parveen and baby Zain Both times I felt I was completely new to the process: I thought I would share my experience on breastfeeding. My son Zain came along almost 10 years after my daughter. Both experiences were completely different. Both times I felt I was completely new to the process. What was wonderful was the amount of information and support out there. Going back to work and expressing: My first time round I was back to work much later and only part time. The second time round I was working full time and expressing. Expressing the first time round felt impossible. But the second time round was so much easier with the variety of pumps on offer

Our new Evidence Based Birth® program: Introducing the Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents

Learn about this exciting program which is brand new here in the UAE! What is Evidence Based Birth®? Evidence Based Birth® is an organization founded by Rebecca Dekker, an American nurse with her PhD. Rebecca was finishing up her doctorate in nursing when she became pregnant with her first baby. Figuring she would just "go with the flow," she just took a standard hospital antenatal class and went into labor hoping to be a "good" patient so that the nurses would like her. Rebecca had a healthy pregnancy, and went into labor on her own when her water broke at 39.5 weeks. She went to the hospital like she was told to do, but was a bit surprised when they told her she would not be allowed to ea

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