To the Parent worrying that you are "Doing it all Wrong."

Top 10 things we all wish we had known when we first became parents This is for you. The parent who is struggling with sleep, or feeding, or crying, or tantrums or picky eating or sleep again. The one whose friend seems to have it all figured out, or whose doctor was shocked, SHOCKED, to hear whatever it is that you just revealed about how you are parenting your child. The one whose mother-in-law claims that her babies never cried, or potty trained at 9 months or slept through the night from birth. The one who is frantically googling and buying baby books and asking everyone what the magic secret is that seems to elude only you. This is all for you, because we were once you and we wish

How my Baby Learned to Self Soothe (While Sleeping on my Chest)

If you have a small child, then you have been told that you need to be careful not to spoil your baby. You have been told that you shouldn’t create “bad habits” by feeding to sleep, or rocking, carrying, bouncing or walking your crying baby. You have been told that if you let your baby sleep on you or in your bed with you or in your baby carrier that he will never “learn how to sleep” on his own or that she will not learn to “self soothe.” I know you have been told this, because every day parents report to me that this is what they are hearing. I was also told this when my babies were small, but fortunately I didn’t believe it. My babies are big now, and I can assure you that all of tha

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