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Picky Eating Testimonials

"There are times in this roller-coaster journey of parenthood when you've just had enough and feel THIS close to absolutely giving up. It's at these moments that a little refresher and some introspection can bring you back on your path with renewed energy. Such an experience is what I had today at Amy's Picky Eating workshop, learning about which of my own (troublesome!) beliefs I was subconsciously projecting into my 10-month-olds sometimes troublesome relationship with food. Very insightful and critical, it prompted me to spend some more time afterward re-evaluating my food philosophy while giving a thorough understanding of toddlers' own priorities. Highly recommended, as family mealtimes are just too important to rush through."

I went from feeling frustrated and anxious to feeling confident and well-equipped with new techniques and approaches.  Meeting other parents in a similar situation was very helpful.  The workshop offered a great balance of evidence and practical suggestions.

I was so stressed and worried about my toddler's eating but after the workshop I feel reassured and much more relaxed.  I am even excited to try new things.  It was so reassuring to hear that my child is normal!  And that I am not alone.



I was wondering what I was doing wrong but I received confirmation that this behaviour is common and I now have new ways to deal with it.  I feel more ready to make mealtimes pleasant, to let my child choose what to eat and to make no comments on it.  The teacher was lovely, understanding and knowledgable.  This class makes you realize where your own and your child's behavour comes from and helps you clarify your longer term goals.

Since attending the workshop last month I feel like things have gotten much better. Our mealtimes are less stressful and my daughter is eating more.  She is enjoying fruit now.  I will put food on the table and when she says she doesn't like it I don't get upset anymore.  And when my husband and I eat it, she often asks to try it.  She still doesn't eat many things, but it is so much better than it was!  And I remember you saying that I can control what food I offer, so I don't have as many biscuits or chicken nuggets in the house.  We save them for special treats.  If she doesn't like what we are eating, she doesn't have to eat it.  I just don't worry about it as much as I used to.

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