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Frequently Asked Questions - Picky Eating



Can I bring my toddler to a picky eating workshop?

We do recommend that you find alternative childcare arrangements as the course material can be quite complex and we cover a lot which requires your full attention. Also some parents decide they would rather not bring their toddler along to a session where they will be spoken about; you never know when little ears are listening!


I really do not like the idea of toddler discipline methods that involve strict routines, reward charts, time outs and naughty steps, is your picky eating workshop the course for me?

Rest assured we dislike these methods too! We promise to never teach you to leave your child in time out or on a naughty step; similarly we do not advocate the use of star and reward charts. Our ethos is completely different to most other toddler "experts".


I have the opposite problem--my toddler never stops eating and I worry s/he is on the road to obesity.  Will I benefit from this class?

Yes, this class does not offer a one-sized-fits all approach and does not assume that all toddlers are the same, nor that all people have the same eating habits.  You will find it just as beneficial as the parents of picky eaters to discuss what is normal for toddlers, what is the science and the current pyschological understanding behind feeding our toddlers, examine your own eating habits and where they come from, as well as the tips and suggestions for teaching healthy eating habits.


Is it possible to hold a private picky eating workshop?

Yes, we are happy to arrange this with you however the course is designed to work best in a group. So if you have some friends who are interested this could be a great option for you. We also offer the organiser/host a discount for getting a group together.


How do I know it will work?

All of the concepts discussed in our workshops are rooted in psychological research and current physiological understanding. We seek to back up everything we teach with appropriate scientific research and can make any of the appropriate references available to you upon request. We have also both used these techniques with our own children and can testify to the benefits of this approach.

We also have a list of happy parents who have given us some great feedback - see our testimonials here


Do you offer refunds if I miss a class?

No. As we are unable to offer your missed class to anyone else; although we will be pleased to offer you the chance to attend the session you have missed on a subsequent group course for free of charge.


Is the picky eating workshop just for mums?

No – definitely not! We welcome both mums and dads (and grandparents or nannies!) on all of our classes and workshops as we understand the importance of both parents attending to learn a new way of parenting their child. This doesn't mean that single parents or parents attending alone aren't welcome though, we aim to include everyone!



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