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Infant Massage Classes Near Me

Breastfeeding your Toddler workshop Testimonials

I found the 'Breastfeeding Toddlers' workshop so helpful and reassuring, just like all the Love Parenting classes I've taken. Amy packs the class with science-based information and clear guidance formed from her experience as midwife, lactation counsellor and nursing mother. She acknowledges the tough aspects and her advice is pragmatic, geared towards real people not martyrs. There's no judging here. I walked away feeling a lot more assured about balancing my needs with my children's. I felt empowered to meet them all better. I felt a real connection with the other mums present and we were often nodding along to each other's stories. I really needed this right now as the night feeds were feeling quite overwhelming. I walked into the class wanting to stop nursing tomorrow, but now I feel happy to continue a while longer because it's so beneficial for my daughter and me. I know that I have learnt some good techniques to make the change when the time is right. 

As always, you manage to pass on the most important: the right kind of spirit that nurtures us long time after the class (even when the facts and numbers are forgotten).
Speaking of facts. I remember the list of only health benefits for kids and moms was almost endless in my book, and it really impressed me, because I was doing it mostly for attachment reasons. It almost every time it was the opposite of what general public assumes :)

It was really important for me to learn that nipple twisting is kind of an instinctive behaviour to provoke the milk letdown, that many kids do it, and it's not that I am the only one who can't make her child stop. And all the block about that, really helpful.

Infant Massage Classes Near Me



This class reminded me of how proud I should feel about breastfeeding my toddler!  And it was massively confidence-building in terms of knowing what to say to people being negative about breastfeeding.

Love the toddler breastfeeding photos!  We need to see more of these images to help normalize.  The information is really interesting--you are not going to get this information from your doctor or dentist.  Also it's amazing to share these stories with other amazing mamas!

Thank you so much for today. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found I have renewed confidence in my breastfeeding journey which has actually led me to have more patience today with the little man constantly looking for the boob, so a big thank you from both of us! I honestly felt I didn’t know what direction we were going or were meant to be going with everything but feel a lot clearer and more confident after today. I look forward to going through this information you have sent. 

Infant Massage Classes Near Me
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