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Frequently Asked Questions - Breastfeeding Your Toddler



Can I bring my toddler to a breastfeeding workshop?

Toddler attendance is optional in this class, but based on feedback from other mothers you will get more out of the session if you do make other arrangements for your toddler and make a mums morning of it. We will have some toys and snacks available, but do bring suitable supplies to keep your toddler occupied during the session and be prepared to step out if your toddler is really disturbing the learning of others.


I have felt judged before both for breastfeeding a toddler but also for not breastfeeding long enough or wanting to stop.  Will I feel pressured one way or the other?

This workshop will teach you what the science says, but will also acknowledge the reality of nursing a toddler.  No judgment here--every parent must find their own path and our goal is to provide you the info and support so that you can do that when it comes to breastfeeding past the first year.


I am thinking about weaning.  Will you share gentle weaning suggestions or do you promote child-led weaning only?  

Yes, this class acknowledges that most mothers do choose to wean before their toddler, and will offer gentle strategies for night weaning, setting boundaries, and total weaning.  If you want to wait until your toddler self weans, we will congratulate you.  If you feel ready to wean before then, we do not judge (and have been there!)


Is it possible to hold a private breastfeeding your toddler workshop?

Yes, we are happy to arrange this with you however the course is designed to work best in a group. So if you have some friends who are interested this could be a great option for you. We also offer the organiser/host a discount for getting a group together.


Do you offer refunds if I miss a class?

No. As we are unable to offer your missed class to anyone else; although we will be pleased to offer you the chance to attend the session you have missed on a subsequent group course for free of charge.


Why can't dads attend?

Based on the feedback of other mothers who have attended this class we feel having it ladies only can free mothers up to speak frankly about the realities of breastfeeding a toddler, trying to get pregnant while breastfeeding, their partner's opinions on the topic and more.  We will provide extensive handouts and resources for you to share with your partner and anyone else in your life who could use some more information on the benefits and realities of breastfeeding a toddler.



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