Baby Sleep Testimonials

“Before the workshop I was worried that I made a mistake not sleep training my baby from birth.  Now I feel that it’s ok to follow my instincts!  It is reassuring to know that what I am doing is natural and I’m not spoiling her.”



“I was feeling frustrated, guilty, exhausted, that we were doing things all wrong.  Now I know that there is a reason for it and I can be patient and focus more on long-term goals.”

“I recommend this workshop because to have a calm baby, parents need to know how to calm themselves first.”



“Before the workshop I was feeling really bad, and exhausted all the time, and was also feeling it was really bad for his health and development.  I now feel much better, it is not as bad as I thought especially when I know about the percentages among each age and that it was not bad for his health.”



“I feel better knowing that I am not alone. I thought my baby was somewhat behind in terms of what is ‘normal,’ but now I understand all babies are different and according to the stats  she is actually ‘normal.’”


“Amy does seem to genuinely care about us as mothers (and what we are going through.)”