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Baby Led Weaning  Testimonials

"We knew we wanted to try BLW because it seemed like the most sensible option for us, but we didn't know how to approach it. Amy's class covered all the essential info we needed including the difference between choking and gagging, portion sizes, how to really follow our baby's lead, what foods to start with and how to prepare them. She gives lots of personal anecdotes and encourages others to share their experiences. It's all delivered in a very warm and supportive environment and has helped us feed our bub with confidence. She's also helped create and foster an online BLW community in Dubai where we can ask other mums their advice too. I now recommend her course to all my friends."  Noni

“I liked that it was presented by a mum with experience and in a manner that didn’t judge or suggest other parenting methods (non BLW related) were right/wrong.”

“ Very useful and informative.  I feel a lot more comfortable about introducing solids now.”



“The BLW approach seems to make sense and be a logical approach which I hope to make work in my family.”


“I enjoyed all the practical advice and tips from a live person because I have no time to read!”



I can highly recommend the introduction to baby led weaning run by Amy Vogelaar. I was a second time mom and I found it so useful and it gave me the boost I needed to go the BLW with my son and he is a great eater who eats anything (sand and pebbles included

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