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Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Led Weaning


Who should attend? 

This class is designed for parents of 4-6 month old babies, as this is the time you will begin thinking about introducing solids.  Most health authorities recommend starting the weaning process at around 6 months of age, but some allergists are now suggesting that earlier may be better.  This class will help you determine if your baby is ready for BLW.  The price of the class is per family so both parents are encouraged to attend, or a parent and a grandparent or nanny.


What if I want to take the class before my baby is 4 months?

If you are interested in learning about the BLW approach you are welcome to attend at any time.  We advise waiting to start solids around 6 months (as per World Health Organization guidelines, but in the class we will discuss the many factors that help you decide when is the right time to start.


What if I have an older baby and am considering switching to BLW?

If you have been puree and spoon feeding your baby and have decided that it is not working for you (or you baby) you are most welcome to take this class.  You will learn the same principles behind the BLW approach and the same information on current weaning guidelines will apply.  The instructor can point out to you where your baby's more advanced development will affect the way you proceed--for example, older babies will be able to handle smaller pieces of food than babies who are starting at 6 months of age.


What if I have already started weaning my baby and am concerned that it is not going well?  

We have many parents attend the class with older babies either because the baby has not shown much interest in solids yet, or because the parents feel they are being held back by their own anxiety and lack of confidence in the process.  Participants of this class repeatedly report that they leave feeling much more relaxed and confident about feeding their little ones, regardless of the feeding approach they follow.


What if I think I want to combine puree-feeding with BLW?

We don't believe there is any one "right" way to raise a child or feed a baby and we encourage all parents to take in the information and then trust their instincts and their heart to know what is right for their child and their family.  Many parents who take this class follow a modified approach to BLW and come up with their own combination of methods.

We will talk about a variety of methods for offering your baby softer foods such as yogurt or dal, all of which can be done in a baby-led approach.


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