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Toddler Fussy Eater


Positive Discipline For Toddlers

Toddler Discipline

The Toddler Years Are Tough! Learn Positive Discipline for Toddlers to Help You Through It

Raising a toddler is tough. Toddlers are learning new skills each and every day, and along with that comes testing boundaries and seeing what they can get away with. A toddler can be headstrong and stubborn, have temper tantrums and be happy as can be, all within the span of just a few short minutes. Any parent can quickly become over-whelmed and find themselves wondering what they should do to help reel their toddler in.


Here at Love Parenting UAE, located in Dubai, we offer positive discipline for toddlers courses. These courses are designed to help teach you how to establish healthy boundaries with toddlers and the different ways you can toddler discipline when they are doing things that are unacceptable or that you will not tolerate. We offer different discipline techniques, including redirection and time-outs. We also offer tools that can help you learn to remain calm when you may feel stressed out and tired.


Another added benefit to participating in our positive discipline for toddlers course is that you will encounter and interact with other toddler parents. If you do not have a circle of friends or acquaintances who have toddlers, you may feel like you are the only parent dealing with an unruly, curious and limit-testing individual. You may feel like you are failing as a parent or may feel like no one understands what you are going through.. Interacting with other toddler parents helps you to realize that you are not alone and provides you with a support system who understands exactly what you are dealing with. Other toddler parents may also have toddler discipline techniques that work for them, which can provide you with another resource when it comes to helping you deal with this stage of your child's life.


During this stage in your child's life, you may also find that you have a toddler fussy eater. A fussy eater will only want to eat the foods they want, and they may throw a fit or not want to eat if you try to feed them something that they deem is unacceptable. Meal struggles are common with toddlers, and as a parent, it can be especially frustrating, particularly if you want to sit down and eat your own meal at the same time. We can help to offer solutions to this tough dilemma and help you to encourage your toddler fussy eater to branch out and try some new foods.


Are you ready to get help with toddler discipline or toddler fussy eater? Get in touch with us at Love Parenting UAE to learn more about our upcoming classes or to enroll today.

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