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Getting Ready to Enroll in Lactation Classes Near Me? Important Factors You Should Consider When Selecting a Class

If you are expecting a child soon and are thinking about or planning on breastfeeding, it is important that you enroll in lactation classes. Lactation classes, also commonly called breastfeeding classes or courses, are designed to answer the questions you may have about breastfeeding, as well as prepare you for nursing your baby. While lactation classes are pretty similar, there are some key differences between them. This is why it is important to take your time to learn about key factors that may differentiate one course from another. Here are a few of the important factors that you should consider when selecting lactation classes near me.


As you go about selecting lactation classes near me, one of the important things that you should do is ask what you will be taught during the course. Every course should have a syllabus or guide that will let you know what you can expect to learn from the course. Compare different guides from different classes to hone in on the class that offers you the most information.


Another important factor to consider is who is teaching the lactation classes and what training or certifications they offer. Many courses are taught by a lactation nurse or a lactation specialist. Unfortunately, not every specialist is certified or has the same training. You want to find a course that is taught by someone who has years of experience.


Speaking of lactation nurses, another factor that you need to consider when seeking out a lactation class is whether they offer access to a lactation nurse or specialist after your baby is born. If your baby is having trouble latching or eating, will they send a nurse or specialist to help you or will you be on your own? Look for a course where there are in-person resources available after your baby is born.


Lastly, as you look for lactation classes near me, find out how many people are in the course. You receive more individualized attention the smaller the classes are. For example, one class may have ten people, while another may have 30. You will get more attention and individualized help in the class with only ten people. Always ask about class sizes before enrolling in lactation classes near me.


Are you preparing to have your first baby? Are you interested in learning more about breastfeeding before your baby arrives? If so, lactation courses may be perfect for you. Here at Love Parenting UAE, located in Dubai, we offer lactation courses, lactation support groups and lactation nurses to help you with all of your breastfeeding questions and needs. Call us today to learn more.

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