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Gentle Sleep Training

How To Make Colic Baby Sleep

Does It Feel Like Your Baby Never Sleeps? Let Us Help With Gentle Sleep Training

As a new mother, you may have many concerns when it comes to your newborn baby. One of the concerns that some mothers have is wondering whether their baby is getting enough sleep or is getting too much sleep. Many parents also want to get their newborns on a bit of a schedule. That can help you, as a mother, to get the sleep you need when your baby is sleeping.


Here at Love Parenting UAE, located in Dubai, we offer gentle sleep training courses, including help with how to make colic baby sleep, that can help you with many different aspects of sleep training your newborn or infant.


For starters, we will talk about what a normal sleep schedule should look like for a newborn and as your newborn begins to age. We will also discuss feeding schedules, as that can affect sleep patterns. From there, we can talk about the various ways that you can go about gentle sleep training a baby and helping to get them into a routine. This may include lowering the lights, adjusting your baby's feeding schedule, and keeping stimulation to a minimum before you want to get them to sleep.


It is important to note that every baby is slightly different. As such, one child may sleep more or less than another. Our courses are not designed to take the place of medical advice, but only meant to help you if you feel like you and your child can benefit from gentle sleep training and how to make colic baby sleep. If you are ready to get the help you desire in the greater Dubai area, give us at Love Parenting UAE a call to learn about our upcoming courses.

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