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Frequently Asked Questions- Breastfeeding


What are the instructor’s qualifications?

I am Amy Vogelaar, a certified lactation educator and counselor and a former midwife and childbirth educator, certified infant massage instructor and licensed BabyCalm/ToddlerCalm teacher.  I also have had the joyful experience of breastfeeding both of my own children, each without any formula and for over 2 years.  I taught antenatal and breastfeeding classes in Bahrain some time ago, but since the scientific understanding of how breastfeeding works has advanced dramatically in recent years, I qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2015 , so I can provide the most current and evidence-based information available. 


What if you are already taking an antenatal or hypnobirthing class?

Attending a Breastfeeding Workshop complements and expands on any knowledge gained at antenatal or hypnobirthing classes and gives you the opportunity to:

·     Find out how breastfeeding works, how to do it and what help is available 

·     Make informed choices about breastfeeding 

·     Realistically prepare for the changes about to happen in your life 

·     Discuss questions and concerns you may have about breastfeeding 

·     Develop a support network before giving birth 

·     Find your own path amidst all the varying advice


When should you plan to attend?

Consider attending a Breastfeeding Workshop during your second trimester of pregnancy.  This will allow for your comfort and babies who arrive early (and will need the most support with breastfeeding!)  Of course you are also most welcome to attend if you are farther along in pregnancy.  Once baby arrives the class is no longer suitable, but contact us if you have any questions or problems with breastfeeding and we can direct you to the best resources.


Why would your partner need to attend? 

It has been shown that having a knowledgeable, supportive partner is a determining factor in the success of breastfeeding. The more your partner learns about breastfeeding, the more support he/she can offer you once breastfeeding begins.  If your partner is not able to attend you are most welcome to bring another family member or support person, or come on your own.  There are always at least a couple mums who attend by themselves.


I am having twins!  Will this class be helpful?

The same information will apply when it comes to getting off to a good start, establishing milk supply and basic latch and positioning.  I can make special recommendations on positioning and breastfeeding twins as well, both during and after the class.


You are not a first-time mother, but had problems with breastfeeding a previous baby.  Will this class apply to you? 

Yes!  We have had many second and even third-time parents attend the class.  The instructor will want to hear about your previous experiences in advance and may have some individualized recommendations to make before the class, but the class itself will be full of information that is likely quite new to you and will help you avoid, or at least deal with, the problems that interfered with breastfeeding in the past.  


What about after baby arrives?  

Attendees of the class are given the instructor's contact details and encouraged to get in touch after baby arrives if they have any questions, concerns, problems or would just like a little reassurance.  Individualized referrals and even private at-home sessions can be arranged as needed.  


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