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Breastfeeding Testimonials

"I will recommend your BF class to anyone I know or meet who's pregnant, all the info helped a lot plus your assistance, especially when I was panicked yesterday, has been amazing. The NICU night nurse actually just asked me very surprised if this is my first baby, because I am very "hands-on" and he's drinking so well. I'm very thankful as it seems he is latching well. I must say once I started a lot of the info from your class came back to mind which helped a huge amount,  thank you again so so much!



"This is an amazing and essential workshop for Mums and Dads that really helps not just with the theory but the practicalities of breast feeding and fills both with far greater confidence and a belief in themselves to be able to provide for their baby. It made us both appreciate that if things are challenging there are solutions and really gave me the confidence to persevere and get help if we need. It also got me really excited about this special time and the bond between me and the baby but with realistic expectations which does wonders for managing ones' emotions. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough"









“The best thing about this workshop was…. confirming for me that breast is best and that any problems can be resolved and helping me feel reassured that it will go easier this time!  Covered all the issues I was concerned about and how babies latch and how to resolve problems quickly.  It covered a great deal of new information that was informative and very interesting and made me rethink some of what I did in the past.”




"Thank you so much for teaching us so much, for your wisdom and guidance and really getting the message across that this is natural and if there are any probs to seek help very quickly and not battle on and think it’s ok to be sore or not have enough supply etc. So important for Dads to be there too. I honestly could have happily stayed for another hour learning from you!"



"The breastfeeding is going well thanks to your wonderful course! I really genuinely believe that the course prepared me well to persevere. [My baby] was very quick to find the breast after birth which was wonderful! I took your advice to let his find his way, rather than the nurses' 'way'. They are quite forceful! The first couple of weeks were tough, painful nipples etc but I was able to recall the benefits discussed in the course for both baby and mother, ultimately keeping me going through the harder times! I also took the advice to follow up with a lactation consultant and she helped me with techniques to improve the latch and other nursing positions etc. [My husband] has been really supportive of breast feeding too which has helped tremendously. I remember the course mentioning about breastfeeding success rates being higher with Husbands support. I can see why! So yes, we've reaped the benefits of the

course, thank you!"

"The feeding is going well. I'm glad I came to your course it helped me to know what to expect those first few days especially when the nurses and drs were telling me I needed to find formula because I didn't have enough milk or a nipple shield or that my baby had a latch problem. I felt really confident to tell them to get lost! That my baby was normal!"



"The information was well-delivered and varied--videos, group activities, Q&A.  The relaxed atmosphere and Amy's knowledge of the topic made it easy to ask questions."

"Your class was super informative and made the whole process seem a lot less daunting :).  I have heard from more than one person that breastfeeding hurts and it all makes sense now...they aren't doing it right and didn't seek the right support afterwards to help.  I really enjoyed your class and have shared your email with my husband as catch-up homework!"

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