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What Types of Breastfeeding Classes and Breastfeeding Advice Does Love Parenting UAE Offer?

At Love Parenting UAE, located in Dubai, we are committed to helping provide support to new parents as they go through a major change in their lives. One of the services that we offer is helping with breastfeeding. We offer breastfeeding classes, breastfeeding advice and a lactation consultant. If you are expecting a baby and plan on breastfeeding, or you have a baby who is breastfeeding, you may wonder what types of help we can offer you. Read on to learn more.


One of the services that we offer is breastfeeding classes. We offer different classes that can help you with breastfeeding. We offer a class that can help you with breastfeeding before you even have a baby. We teach you the importance of skin-to-skin contact after your baby is first delivered and help you learn about latch and when your milk comes in. We also offer classes after a baby is born that can help you learn how frequently you should be breastfeeding, what you can do to increase the amount of milk you produce, how to pump, how to ensure your baby is getting enough milk, and how to help with latch.


Another important service that we offer is breastfeeding advice. Many new moms have questions about breastfeeding. They wonder if breastfeeding is really for them, what the benefits of breastfeeding are, if they can breastfeed with implants, when they can begin to supplement breast milk with formula and what the signs are that their body is producing enough breast milk for their baby. Our staff can offer up breastfeeding advice and support to provide you with the honest answers you need about this topic and to help you determine if breastfeeding is really the right decision for you and your baby.


Finally, the last type of breastfeeding service that we offer is the assistance of a lactation consultant. If your baby is not latching on to your breast properly, if your baby is not gaining sufficient weight, or if you feel like something else is going wrong when you are trying to breastfeed your baby, a lactation consultant can sit down with you and help you. They can help with latch, milk production and pumping. Many women who are close to giving up breastfeeding find that bringing in a lactation consultant is the key that helps them during this time.


If you are expecting a baby and think you may breastfeed, or if you are currently breastfeeding, Love Parenting UAE, located in Dubai, offers breastfeeding classes, breastfeeding advice and support and has a lactation consultant available to help you. Get the help you need with breastfeeding by getting in touch with us today.










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