Mother Blessing

Every pregnant woman deserves and needs to be celebrated, to feel loved and special. A birth ceremony is not optional or frivolous; it is a necessity, so mark your prenatal map of preparation with a star for “ceremony.”


As you prepare for birth and labor, step out of your busy life and commit to a time and place to be honored by those close to you. A birth ceremony allows you to get in tune with the sacred, renewing relationships with yourself, your baby, your “village,” and the archetype of the Great Mother.

Gabi Pezo is our resident Birthing from Within Childbirth Mentor. She's passionate about supporting women through pregnancy, birth, labor and postpartum. She's a mother of 2, always looking to build a strong tribe and community wherever she is.


She is the BlessingWay Leader, and she is delighted to help you organize your beautiful ceremony. There is a different package available. 


Email her to help you organize this event: -  055.891.3754