Birth Art

Our Birth Art Classes support parents-to-be in a different way. Through simple meditation, prompts, journaling and guidance, parents are able to explore subconscious patterns, thoughts and fears they might have about birth, parenting, labor, and pregnancy.


It’s a fun hands-on class like you have never experienced before!

*This birth art class will help prepare you for the birth of your baby, allowing you to reflect on your feelings, hopes and worries. 


*No artistic skill or experience is needed for you to become more in touch with your birth,

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Gabi Pezo

The facilitator

Gabi Pezo is passionate about supporting women through pregnancy, birth, labor and postpartum. She's a mother of 2, always looking to build a strong tribe and community wherever she is at.



mobile: 055.891.3754


Gabi Pezo

She's a Certified Birthing from Within Mentor, Birth story listener, Birth Art Facilitator, Mental Health First Aider and Transpersonal Development and Women's Circle Facilitator from Escuela Transpersonal from Spain.


She also writes and produces a podcast on well-being and self-development in Spanish.


She's the BlessingWay Leader, and she is delighted to help you organize your beautiful ceremony. There are different packages available 


Email her to help you organize this event: -  055.891.3754