My Story


My name is Gabi Pezo. I have a Bachelors in Mass Communication and Creative Design. My dream was always to be a creative director in an advertising agency. I held that position for years, but realized something was missing.


I decided to pursue other interests dear to my heart. Thus, I became a certified Birth Story Listener, Birth Art Facilitator, Mindfulness Consultant, Transpersonal Development Facilitator, Breastfeeding Counselor, Transpersonal Women Circle Facilitator and Laughter Yoga Teacher. I’m currently studying under the mentorship of Pam England to become a Childbirth Educator aligned with the Philosophy of Birthing from Within. 


Birthing changes women (whether they realize it or not.).  The birth of my first son was challenging and emotionally traumatic.  I experienced unwelcomed, but necessary medical interventions during birthing of my son. It was far from an ideal birth despite all my preparation and positive thinking surrounding birth and labor.  It became my passion to understand birth Trauma, VBAC’s and birthing.  Along the journey I discovered the power of owning my birth story.





As I prepared for the VBAC birth of my second son, with Hypnobirthing techniques and also by letting go of expectations, control and prepare for any type of birthing. Instead of suppressing my fears, I brought them to the surface in preparation for my second birthing. Realizing what was holding me back was liberating. During this time, I found out about Pam England’s work and short after my second birthing, I became a Birth Story Listener and a Birth Art facilitator. 

gaby family pic.jpg

There’s power in owning your Birth Story, especially if it was challenging. I like to create a sacred space to share these stories while discovering different aspects of it that she didn’t realize before.

I believe that birthing is a rite of passage for every woman. It’s a hero’s journey where women can discover about themselves during pregnancy, labor, birthing and postpartum. My goal is to go together with these women through their journey in a respectful and safe way. No one has to go through motherhood alone. It takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to nurture a mother. My emphasis with my workshop and classes are around creating a community of non-judgment and true listening so together we can explore feelings about motherhood, pregnancy and birthing.


It will an honor to accompany you through the journey of motherhood in one of the circles or sessions I am offering.



Gabi x