Frequently Asked Questions- Evidence Based Birth® 

Does this workshop replace the need for a childbirth/antenatal class? 
Evidence Based Birth workshops do not replace childbirth or antenatal classes, but complement them.  This does not cover the details of labor and birth, but rather provides unique information and skills to help you negotiate your care with your health care provider and birth place, and to give you a leg up on actually getting the evidence based care you want.

​Is it necessary for dad to attend the workshop?​
It is extremely helpful if dad can attend the workshop, as a he will have a hugely important role as your birth partner when it comes to communicating with your care providers and advocating for you during labor.  If dad cannot attend this workshop and you have another birth partner who will be helping you at your labor then they can take his place in the workshop.  Some mothers do come on their own as well.  You will receive a complementary year-long membership for on-line EBB parent classes and resources which you will be able to share with him (or any other birth partners) before your labor.

What if I am planning a cesarean birth or know I want an epidural or planned induction?​

Every single mother, regardless of what birth she plans for or what birth she ends up needing, deserves evidence based care.  The skills and information you learn in the this class are designed to help you get the information so you can make your own informed decisions about your care and so you can choose your care providers and communicate effectively with them to get the kind of care you want to have.  This will be different for every woman and there is no one "right" kind of birth.